Usaa Debit Card Tap To Pay USAA customers can also set up automatic payments using a debit card, a credit card, or a bank account. By calling 800-531-USAA (8722) By mailing a check or money order to USAA - Payment Processing / 9800 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio / TX 78288-0001. But if you use it from your phone, no …. Tap the Payments ‘$’ tab on your Cash App to get to the home screen. can now enjoy the same secure. You could get one from the Post Office. Frequently Asked Questions. New York City’s subway system, a 24/7 behemoth that logs a billion and a half trips per year, is synonymous with archaic technology, from a signals system that dates. You may find using a debit card benefits your savings goals by helping prevent yourself and your family from accumulating debt or from impulsive spending. Have you wondered how to use tap to pay with your cards or electronic payments? I'll show you exactly how to use tap to pay with …. Once the payment is approved, the business can print, email or text the receipt to the customer. Contactless payments, also known as Tap to Pay, arrived in the U. Tap on the wallet you’d like to add your card to. It’s exciting because it pulls money directly from your checking account, with no interest or fees. Tap “Credit Card/Debit Card” followed by “Continue. Key points about: contactless credit cards. Learn about the benefits of using a USAA debit card and how to manage your card through our wide variety of services. USAA Card for Apple Pay in 3 Steps (with ">How to Verify a USAA Card for Apple Pay in 3 Steps (with. They’re Using the Same Security Protections as Your EMV Chip Card. (Your card will be mailed to you in 10-15 business days. When you pay with a debit or credit card, Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you. These days this rule mostly applies in Eastern Europe as credit cards are still not accepted everywhere. Apple says that Tap to Pay works with contactless credit and debit cards from American Express, Discover. Tap to Pay on iPhone comes to the UK today, Revolut and Tyl …. You may need to contact your card issuer directly. Free copies are available online if within 90 days. What is Tap to Pay and How Does It Work?. : Tapping into the future of payments. As long as a card supports contactless payments and the retailer's. 10750 McDermott Fwy, San Antonio, TX 78288. Launch the Passbook app from your Home screen. BusyKid Visa Prepaid Spend Card. Learn how USAA is responding to make a difference so that those who have defended our freedom have the resources they need to win the fight against veteran suicide. USAA Rewards Visa Signature Card Metal?. Secure Each contactless transaction is secured with a unique one-time security code to prevent fraud. How to Do a Balance Transfer with USAA. -Security: Use a PIN or device biometrics to securely log on to the app. payment cards that you use with Apple ">Change or remove the payment cards that you use with Apple. Apply online below or make an appointment to apply in person. Make purchases of $250 or less – no need to insert your card, enter your PIN or wait for change! Tap and go with Interac Debit for your everyday purchases. Having money in the bank can be expensive — ATM fees, overdraft fees, service fees, late fees and more. Smart Ticketing prioritises safety and security, especially when it comes to personal data and payment information. Open the mobile app and tap the "Deposit" menu tab, then choose "Deposit Into Bank Account. 5% cash back on your first $3,000 in combined gas station and military base purchases yearly. One of the primary advantages of setting up debit card direct deposit is the. Here’s how you can set up Samsung Pay on the Galaxy S21: Open the Samsung Pay app on your Galaxy S21. Tap to Pay: What It Is & How It Works on iPhone & Android">Tap to Pay: What It Is & How It Works on iPhone & Android. Enter the payment card details and verify the payment method. Unlimited 1% cash back on other purchases. Try going to the usaa app, choose the account associated with the card, hit menu (top right) go to mobile wallet and delete all devices, do this to all other accounts you want to add, like your credit card. Online using USAA's payment portal; By calling 1-855-430-8489; Using the USAA mobile app; By mailing a check or money order to USAA - Payment Processing / P. Chase customers will speed through checkout with a tap of their Visa credit card at millions of places where contactless payments are accepted. Manually enter the three digit security code. Corporate Responsibility We serve military families and strengthen local communities through philanthropic grantmaking, employee giving and volunteer work. event your eligible cell phone is stolen or damaged when you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your USAA credit card. It features the company’s very own Samsung Pay to make tap-to-pay possible. All I did is deposit my tax refund check pay off some damn bills- then this morning I couldn’t even buy my kids’ prescription bc they locked me out. You are also required to use Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode to purchase your phone, making it more secure than a physical card. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center, and look for the Wallet icon. Mail to: USAA Federal Savings Bank. USAA Payment Options: How to Pay USAA. Payments can be made between almost anyone using a U. A payment method — such as a credit or debit card — needs to be selected for tap to pay purchases. This account will reimburse you for ATM fees …. Get a range of convenient digital ways to pay. If you can't add a card to Apple Wallet to use with Apple Pay. USAA’s main customer care number is 800-531-8722. You can avoid the $10 monthly service fee with one of the following each fee period : $500 minimum daily balance. Mastercard contactless payments with contactless-enabled devices or cards make everyday purchase quick & secure with just a tap. Pay family and friends and get paid 24/7 in real time, in your Online Banking. Apple Pay Card Verification I recently upgraded from an IPhone 11 to a 12. Key Things to Know About Carrying a Balance on the USAA Rewards Visa Card. Enter the code and select the main account you are going to transfer funds from. For USAA credit or debit card fraud text messaging support call 800-531-USAA (8722). The first 10 transactions at a USAA ATM each month are free. Pickup orders are online purchases and cannot be paid for using SNAP. Members without deposit requirements will earn 0. Step 2: Check final discounted fare in the statement or payment notification. The Benefits of Transparent Debit Card Processing Fees for Small Businesses. More customers than ever are paying with contactless (NFC) cards, and over 95% of cards processed through Square are EMV chip cards. Alternatively, tap Skip and use Samsung Pay PIN to set up the PIN verification method. USAA understands that personalization is important to its members, and that includes their debit cards. Tap to Pay: What It Is & How It Works on iPhone & Android. Visa Debit cards can be used similarly to credit cards for digital wallet payments; however, if you process a physical card, it will be processed as a debit. Take contactless payments with just your phone. You can also register your card with Apple Pay®, Samsung …. Visit an USAA agent in person if there is one nearby. With SMS banking, you'll know where you stand when you need to make a purchase. Provide your USAA card details and verify yourself. It allows you to securely access funds in your checking account in person or online, store your card on file with your favorite merchants and set up recurring …. Findings and Conclusions as to Stop Payments on Debit Card Transactions 18. Check your balance: o Conveniently check your current and previous account balances and its latest transactions. Start the Wallet app on your iPhone and then tap your Apple Cash card. Only the Visa credit cards are being sent out currently. Under federal law you may be responsible for no more than $50 in connection with the unauthorized use of your credit card. Select "Transfer/Deposit" on the mobile app. No monthly hire or PCI fees for Tap to Pay. 5 million customers, we realized it’s finally time to upgrade our users to the future of contactless payments – Physical VISA Debit Card. Discover the closest Visa ATM to you anywhere around the globe. At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at USAA. Tap to pay with your Fitbit device. Stripe is the first payment platform to support Tap to Pay on iPhone, making it available through the Shopify Point of Sale app. Electronic payment is everywhere you go. TouchBistro Payment Integration for Restaurants. Contact your bank or credit union promptly if your card is lost or stolen. When you click to pay with Visa, you can skip guest checkout, bypass form fields and eliminate remembering passwords. Debit card processing fees vary widely based on factors such as the type of debit card used, whether a PIN was entered, whether the transaction was card-present or card-not-present, etc. Last year after successfully providing VISA Virtual Debit Cards to more than 4. Contactless pay is widely accepted, but you can swipe or insert your …. And you may be charged a $29 fee for each overdraft. Place your credit/debit card on the e-reader, and select “Check Transit Payment Mode”. At designated load point in the venue, Pay through Cash / Debit or Credit Cards / Paytm mode and handover the card to agent for value to be added to card. If you have questions about contactless payments, call us at …. Just like in the UK, contactless payment technology is also very popular in Europe, Canada and Australia. The Convenience and Security of Paying with an Amoco Gas Card at the Pump. Merchants can now easily accept contactless payments with just an iPhone. Tap Previous Cards to add a card that you used previously. Click to Pay with Visa — Easy, Smart and Secure Online Checkout. If you have a credit card with no foreign transaction fees (FTF) (the USAA Limitless is the only one they offer, great card though) you should use that. Through the mobile app: Log in to your account and select your card, then tap "Pay Bills. Pay securely and without making contact. Secured credit cards offer a spending limit based on a deposit you place with the card issuer and your creditworthiness. You can do this using the "pay bills" feature on the website or in the app. But using your smartphone as a contactless terminal to accept physical cards from others is a whole other topic called Tap on Phone, Tap to Phone, Tap to Pay or “SoftPOS” in tech speak. Pretty much everyone has a payment card these days. An EMV transaction takes about 30 seconds, …. When featured on a checkout terminal or on store signage, it means a merchant accepts tapping to pay. Tap the Apple Pay button or choose Apple Pay as your payment method. USAA Cashback Rewards Checking Account does not charge fees on ATM transactions. I'm having issues with my USAA debit card. Tap on and tap off with the same device each time to access your travel benefits. Add your bank cards to Huawei Pay to pay in stores with just a tap. If you don't see the symbol, your contactless card can still be used by inserting it in the debit and prepaid card. Press Release: Zettle by PayPal launches Tap to Pay. Some banks, like USAA Savings Bank, have zero liability policies. 7 Best Prepaid Debit Cards (Oct. How Can I Log In To My USAA Account Online?. Each month when you make your payments, the card issuer will report the. For older iPhone models with a Touch ID home button, you can access Apple Wallet from the Control Center. A debit card spending maximum is set by the individual bank or credit union that issues the debit card. It might make sense to use a Schwab Investor Checking Account debit card, which reimburses for all ATM fees, both foreign and domestic, rather than a GTC or GOVCC to get your cash out on TDY. To purchase bitcoin using your Cash App: Tap the Bitcoin tab on your Cash App home screen. A long list of other supported banks and cards are. All you need is a supported app from the App Store. Verifying my USAA debit card for Apple Pay. Disabling Tap To Pay Debit Cards. Foreign transaction fee: Sometimes called a currency conversion fee, this applies for foreign transactions made with a debit card. On your iPad, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. In basic terms, NFC allows nearby devices to communicate through radio waves — so they don't have to make physical contact with the payment terminal to complete the purchase. The feature offers the same functionality offered by Samsung Pay and Google Pay, allowing users to leave their debit and credit cards at home, and make payments …. The customer can either tap their card or insert it into the card reader. Please contact one of our bank representatives at 1-210-531- (USAA) 8722 to discuss your options further. To initiate the process of adding a new card, you will need to locate and tap …. Visa reports there are currently more than 700 U. Getting started with the Wise card. , one in 10 face-to-face Visa transactions are now made with a tap, more than a 2x increase since the beginning of the pandemic2. Wells Fargo Accelerates Customer Checkout Experience with New Tap …. In this instance, you must wait until. By following the steps listed below, customers can download the iMobile Pay app and make use of the contactless payments service: For customers using Apple mobile phones can click on this link. It's easy to pay with a contactless card. From there: • Select “Set Up Automatic Payments ”. In addition, if you recently missed a payment, USAA may …. Both SpotMe on Credit and SpotMe on Debit are . Choose “Deposit” from the menu options. Instead, it reached into Mathews's back pocket, through his wallet and charged his Bank of America credit. Force reboot your device ( Force reboot device - Apple Support) Sometimes if you sign out of your Apple ID and back in it resolves the problem. Whether it’s ordering groceries online or using a mobile app to pay for your morning coffee, people are constantly looking for ways to streamline their daily tasks. Double-click the side button to pay. When the number of reports exceeds the baseline, represented by the red line, an outage is determined. To pay, tap your card on the reader, and you're good to go. Our contactless debit cards make paying for things fast, secure and touch free. The payment card information stays between the merchant’s Payment Service Provider, the payer and the card issuer. Debit card issues? I've been a USAA member for 20-ish years, my wife and I have had a joint account for 5-ish. But I still want to disable the RFID chip. Apple unveils contactless payments via Tap to Pay on iPhone. You can easily change the payment card you wish to use. Tap to ride Contactless payments can help get transit riders. Tap on “Transactions” or “History” to view a …. Cash App reimbursement is limited to 3 ATM withdrawals per month. Other Ways to Get a USAA Replacement Card. Can You Carry a Balance on the USAA Rewards Card?. The new feature would let small businesses, large retailers use their iPhone to accept Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets through a simple tap to their iPhone. com">How to add your USAA credit card to Apple Pay. USAA down? Current status and problems • Is The Service Down?. Request your contactless card today: Find a Branch Call 800-972-3030. With Tap to Pay on iPhone and the Tyro BYO App, you can accept in-person, contactless payments, right on your iPhone from: physical debit and credit cards; Apple Pay, and; other digital wallets. Step 3: Add the Card to Apple Wallet. They offer banking, investing, and insurance services to about 12. Keep in mind, if you add Ally Bank Debit MasterCard® to Microsoft Wallet first, then it's already the default payment method. USAA">Checking Accounts: No Monthly Service Fees. USAA members are only responsible for the first $5,000 of damage to a rental vehicle. Once you click this the netbanking site will show the virtual debit card. This FTX-branded Visa debit card will link directly to users’ accounts so people can pay for items and services with their crypto balance in FTX wallets. Instead of swiping or inserting their card in a card. Tap Send or Request, then select or add the person you want to send money to. Report suspicious or fraudulent transactions to your card issuer immediately. Card? – Forbes Advisor">What Is A Contactless Credit Card? – Forbes Advisor. If a contactless terminal isn’t available, just insert or swipe your card. Tap-to-Pay contactless was much more prevalent in 2022 than it was in 2021, so more and more merchants are getting the newer devices, it seems. Contactless credit and debit cards are nothing new …. The charge shows up right there on the receipt, and later on her credit card statement. Much of the time, waving the card next to a terminal, instead of inserting it, selecting Cheque. Any tips for using my USAA debit and credit cards in Turkey?. You can also dispute the charge by sending a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit to: USAA Federal Savings Bank. USAA account or USAA credit card • Includes USAA First Start savings. Now, select the Debit or Credit Card option on the next screen and follow the on-screen instructions. Through the mobile app: Log in to your account and select your card, then tap “Pay Bills. To sell your first gift card with the Prepaid2Cash app: Download the app. Go to USAA's website and use the chat function. 15% will apply to these introductory balances. How to Pay a USAA Credit Card With a Debit Card. Cards Make Checking Out Easier. USAA Mobile App features include: -Banking: Pay bills, send money with Zelle®, deposit checks, transfer funds and locate an ATM. Same on the android app, but the plus sign is on the bottom right. Simply add your HSBC credit card and you can tap to pay everywhere contactless payments are accepted in stores and online. The USAA® Rewards™ Visa Signature® Card might work well for you if you want to earn rewards without paying any annual fees. I've been having this issue with my Scotiabank Visa Debit card the last several weeks. An EMV transaction takes about 30 seconds, while a contactless payment takes between. Report your lost or stolen card online by following a few simple steps. The benefits abound! For one, you’ll find that tapping your debit card to pay is much faster than inserting or swiping your debit card. Between Translink and banking partners, there are multiple layers of security to keep your details safe. Find the best credit card for you with USAA. In the menu, select Account summary. Contactless checkout is fast and secure. Contactless cards communicate with a point of sale terminal using wireless technology. All you need to do is open your mobile wallet, choose a payment card and hold your device close to the contactless symbol on the ATM. Sign in above to request your tap-to-pay card. The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. And to provide members convenience and security, later this year USAA will be starting to offer contactless credit and debit cards. Apple Pay then switches to your default payment. Go to the account, hit menu, mobile devices, there should be a button to add to apple pay. The app generates the invoice and then relays it to the PocketPOS device using Bluetooth. With the advancement of technology, paying bills online has become increasingly popular and practical. Transfer Money with Armed Forces Bank Digital Banking. If you have more than one card added to Microsoft Wallet and would like to choose Ally Bank Debit MasterCard® as your default, simply tap on the card and select Set as my tap to pay card. The feature allows merchants in the United States to accept payments with Apple Pay, contactless debit and credit cards, and other digital wallets via a single tap to the iPhone. A PayPal credit card, where PayPal offers two cards issued by Synchrony Bank. Currently the list includes American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, J. There are even certain situations where a credit card is essential, like many car rental businesses an. Tap to pay helps you live well by saving you time and keeping your financial information safe. Credit or debit card will display once the payment posts to the USAA payment account. Alternatively, you can make a payment over the phone at 1-800-531-8722, by mail or at a branch. Your PIN will arrive separately for your safety. Call (800) 531-8722 to speak with a customer service representative. Your Bank of Texas Visa® Debit Card is contactless, making it secure, fast and easy to use at any supporting terminal worldwide. All you need is an email address or U. The cheapest option was the Fitbit Charge 4. Other Options for Paying USAA Credit Card Bills. To add your card using your Apple device, you can do the following. From a shop with a physical location to an online store, you can pay for anything with a card. Phone: Call customer service at 1 (800) 531-8722. Easily Dispute a USAA Transaction. If you’re a member of USAA, your cash can be deposited at any ATM that accepts Visa deposits. Initiate Business Checking ® Account. Logoff properly from the app, dont just close it so it will save. 210-531-USAA (8722) 800-531-USAA (8722) Shortcut Mobile Number. You cannot use a Sam's Club Private Label Credit Card at Walmart gas stations. As a result, debit cards come with daily spending limits. Using your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM machine incurs lots of fees. Not sure if this will impact your credit score as mine was with my credit card. This cashless payment offers a number of perks and bonus points with certain retailers. Americans have been introduced to the speed, security, and convenience of tapping to pay, and are now adopting it at an accelerated pace. Using a mobile payment to pay as you go is the same as using a contactless card. Today’s announcement helps to make that a reality. I slipped twice but luckily just had two near misses. If the USAA card you're trying to add isn't …. -Search: Find what you need with smart search and chat. It's not an overdraft fee as in they paid the overdrawn amount so they are charging you that amount plus a fee. After logging in to your account, click "My Accounts" and then click on the checking account with the new card. Enter a new PIN (different from your Lock Screen PIN). We’re writing to inform you of an upcoming change to our travel notification practices. Our security measures are designed to keep your personal information safe. Log into the Chime app, and tap on the gear icon to open Settings. Your TAP account supports many payment options such as credit/debit cards, PayPal and PayNearMe for cash customers. The creepy reason banks want us all to have 'tap and pay' cards even though they're a godsend to fraudsters. Save money with no check-cashing or overdraft fees. Credit or debit card; Loyalty or membership card; When first launched Wallet will check your Microsoft Account for any credit cards already linked (e. Let us honor your commitment with added benefits for newly enlisted members. Yes you get the card number, but that NOT the only data that gets pulled over if you interface with a real life POS device and only POS devices know how to pull that info out. This protects your payment information from being used for future unauthorized purchases. Check or deposit slip copy) $5 / Item. Amber from Facebook, December 23, 2014: USAA has to be the worst financial institution I have ever encountered. Debit cards can still be used to make a contactless purchase with tap to pay, however, most financial institutions don't yet offer mobile wallet options such as Apple pay or Google Pay. How can I pay my USAA credit card with a debit card?. Just like any other transaction with contactless payment technology, your transactions are safe, secure and touch free. Google Pay Tap & Pay features Live,How to use pay tap & pay features. mobile number, so everyone’s account information stays safe. Your best bet, use your debit card at a local bank for a cash advance then go get a money order or cashiers check from a local bank or post office. Get ATM fees reimbursed nationwide. When you click to pay with Visa, you can skip guest checkout, bypass form …. These cards have been in existence since the 1970s. GoHenry Debit Card: Best for financial literacy. See note1 While that might not seem …. You can "double dip" by using a USAA credit or debit card that earns rewards through USAA, so you'll earn those rewards along with cash back from purchases …. call them, this happens to me every single time I pay more than 300 or am out of my regular geography, it doesn’t matter if I tell them im traveling or if I approved the pay, they. I had to delete the app and reinstall it then sign into the app, click the verification thing in Wallet that send s you back to the app and it should verify the card. Banks want us all to have 'tap and pay' cards even though they're …. Visa has seen tap to pay payments grow by 40% year-over-year 4. 02-27-2023 07:43 PM (Last edited ‎02-27-2023 07:56 PM ) in. You may be able to transfer up to $10,000 online. To pay your MetroPCS bill you can either go to a MetroPCS store location and pay in person, or you can pay your bill online with a credit or debit card on the company website. Business Hours: Monday through Friday. Follow the set-up instructions. How to add a credit or debit card to Apple Pay. When you have a contactless USAA card, you have several options for making purchases. 1, more consumers are now paying for things they need with a simple and secure tap. Virgin Islands and are eighteen (18) years old or older. What Is a Contactless Card & How Does It Work?. If Face ID doesn't work, select pay with passcode. What You Need To Know About Contactless Payments. One area where this convenience truly shines is in paying your credit card bill. Confirm the amount you want to withdraw. Parents must opt in to this service and grant permission for USAA to make withdrawals as needed. Because all your details are stored in. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. The 60,000 network ATMs do not have any service fees associated with them. This bank is a great option for current military personnel, veterans, and their families who are looking for not only a traditional bank that’s Bitcoin friendly but also offers. From the Today tab in the Fitbit app, tap the devices icon Sense. Samsung pay is available in 29 countries and you can get an extensive list of supported banks and cards on the company’s website. The "first 100 gallons" bit is for the 30 cents. But the readers are only supposed to charge when a customer taps the card or holds it within. Apr 9, 2021 11:19 AM in response to Suprfrog. We’ve researched how to do a credit card balance transfer for your USAA card. Contactless credit cards and debit cards use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to process payments. USAA Rate Advantage Visa Platinum Credit Card Review 2023. This means that customers will be able to access a portion of their money immediately after the check is deposited. Where Do I Find Apple Wallet On My Iphone. Cardholders tend to use these cards interchangeably, which can lead to problems, as …. By mail with a check or money order. Most of us have been in the position of that fateful beep of doom happening. A cash advance is always the last thing paid off on a card. If a debit card has an issue number, it will be clearly marked as such. Online with a checking or savings account. You earn 2x points per dollar on dining out and gas, and all other purchases come with 1x point per dollar. On your Mac with Touch ID, go to System Settings (or System Preferences) > Wallet & Apple Pay. The company said the scammers are trying to get members to provide. Additional payment platforms and apps are expected to follow. I also buy crypto with the USAA debit card but as soon as I got a new debit card with a new date last month, I think I have to go into settings to make some changes but right now I have to authorize it in messages section in USAA. USAA Bank has updated its digital wallet offering to enable users to add their auto insurance card and medical insurance card to the app. I had a decent paying job for my age that paid bi-weekly, and after making 1-2 minimum payments I planned to pay it back in 2 installments after my next payday (a little less than 2 months). Contactless cards make it fast and easy for you to pay for everyday purchases at merchants around the world. 50% APY on savings by meeting deposit requirements, and 0. - $3,000 per day for signature based purchases. With a credit card, you usually have a grace period between 21 and 25 days. Confirm that you have Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode set on your device. Preferred Cash Rewards Visa Signature See note ® Credit Card. Join the conversation Add your thoughts about any Tweet with a Reply. Please call 855-430-8489 with any questions about payments. Ensure your device has enough battery to avoid paying the maximum fare. Thank you for opening your deposit account with USAA Federal Savings Bank. There are several reasons why your card is being declined when you have money in your account. If the payment device at the gas station or store doesn’t have it, you can’t use it, and. You can conveniently make payments of up to ₹5,000 with just a tap. You can also register your card with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® or Google Pay®. Is tap to pay available for online purchases? No. Tap Samsung Pay Home if you want to skip adding any cards. I can’t remember how to do it on the app but on the full site you have to actually go into banking (not insurance), selects tools/services/docs and then select manage accounts on the right. How it works: Chase has contactless debit cards and credit cards. Let’s take a look at how tap to pay became everybody’s favorite payment method. Follow the on-screen instructions to. Usaa Bank Deposit Slip ≡ Fill Out Printable PDF Forms Online. Another touch-free payment method, digital wallets, like Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®, make shopping on the go and online even more convenient. With any USAA credit card, cardholders will save an average of 1. What's the difference between tapping a card to pay or using a. Insert your debit card into the ATM and enter your PIN number when prompted. required under age • Transfer funds from your • Account ear ns i nt erest at a 18.